Some of the options don’t work on this website. For any help or doubt E-mail us : [email protected]

Some of the options don’t work on this website. For any help or doubt E-mail us : [email protected]


This privacy statement, referred to as “the Policy,” governs how the company obtains, manages, uses, and discloses personal data about you (the “User” or “Customer”). This Policy is applicable to all users, current and prospective, as well as visitors to the Company’s website(s), regardless of whether you registered directly on our website or were sent to us from another source. The Company is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of every piece of personal data it collects, including data from website visits by you.


2.1 The organization LinityBase will use the user’s personal data in accordance with the existing legal framework as modified by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European Directive 2016/680 on the processing of personal data (the “Directive” and the “Regulation”). In compliance with this Privacy Statement and in conjunction with the Company’s Trading Terms and Conditions, the LinityBase shall process personal data. 2.2 When you submit an online application for a trading account, engage in another form of business, or take advantage of any other service that the LinityBase advertises and provides through this website, the LinityBase, through its data controller companies (the “Affiliates”), is considered the entity that is collecting the relevant data. You are required to provide private information in order for the Company to offer you its services and manage your trading account by filling out any application or other form on our website, using our services, or both. 2.3 In accordance with the Company’s internal policies and procedures, the LinityBase gathers users’ identity papers throughout the registration process on its website. Such information is exclusively processed and gathered for the purposes of the established commercial relationship, marketing, and service evaluation by the Company and/or its Affiliates. In order to effectively address the demands of its clients through the delivery of services, The EXM Solution gathers specific personal information. The Company is able to monitor and enhance the services it provides to its current and potential consumers by gathering specific personal data. Personal information such as name, phone number, and/or email address, date of birth, and address are among the categories of personal data that the LinityBase may collect. Financial information include expected yearly income, net worth, trading history, and investment expertise. Verifying Identity your company’s formation certificates and any other corporate documentation, as well as identification documents such a passport and utility bills. Please see the website’s KYC policy for further information. The LinityBase may save this information with your personal profile and may receive information from your usage of this website (i.e., cookies). This data may include the website areas you visited, the pages you viewed, how often and how long you visited, the transactions you made, the documents you downloaded, your IP address, login information, IP location, and other websites that you may have linked to or that may have referred you (“Referral”).


3.1 The following uses of your information by The LinityBase are possible: to verify your identify and keep your personal profile up to date. to determine whether you are a good fit for the services and products we offer. to fulfill your requests for services, including transaction processing. to let you know about goods and/or services you might find interesting. to keep you informed about matters that are important to your commercial relationship with us. to adjust the website to your preferences and needs. to analyze anonymous statistical data so we can offer you better goods and/or services. to manage your account, keep an eye on how it is being used, and determine the fees and other costs that will be applied to the customer’s trading account. Without first getting your permission, we may disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of maintaining your trading account, such as Company Affiliates, Banks and other payment processors, the LinityBase and our marketing partners. 3.2 Your Personal Data Storage and Retention. The data processed in order to supply the Services and satisfy customers will be retained for the amount of time deemed strictly required to accomplish these goals. In order to manage any issues pertaining to the supply of the Services, the data processed in order to do so may also be maintained for a longer amount of time. Until you withdraw your consent, the LinityBase will continue to process data for marketing and profiling. If consent is withdrawn, the data may no longer be used for the aforementioned marketing and profiling reasons but may still be kept in order to manage any disputes or disagreements and/or to protect the customer’s safety. 3.3 Surveillance and Recording Any conversation you have with us, whether in writing, by phone, or by email, will be monitored and recorded by the LinityBase and stored in accordance with the company’s internal rules and procedures. Consent 3.4 By clicking the register button after completing the registration process and/or by keeping using the Company’s services, the user agrees to the EXM Solution’s policies, including this Privacy Policy. If you, as a user, do not agree with this policy, the LinityBase can advise instant service termination and account closure in accordance with the Company’s Terms & Conditions.


The LinityBase may be required by law or in any of the following circumstances to divulge any personal information about any of its clients to any pertinent competent authority: To uphold the legal rights of LinityBase and/or to conform to any court order or legal process: To prevent any possible fraud to abide by the law or adhere to court orders to safeguard and defend the company’s website’s rights and property (s) must take immediate action in order to safeguard the public’s or website visitors’ personal safety. Your personal information may also be disclosed by LinityBase to the data processors listed below: Subject to Clauses (II) and (III) below, the Introducing Brokers, Affiliates, business partners, or any other third party to which the LinityBase may outsource its operations process data on the Company’s behalf and may only use it for the reasons for which the Company intends. Financial institutions, other organizations with a similar mission that oversee payment procedures and other financial operations, or those you nominate: The data may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area as part of our contractual obligations to our Affiliates (EEA). The processing of this data will be done in a way that is consistent with the goals for which it was obtained, and all applicable laws governing the protection of personal data must be strictly followed. We will implement all required and reasonable contractual procedures to ensure adequate levels of data protection in situations where the data is transferred beyond the EEA. Anyone operating on your behalf, including your financial advisor, broker, or attorney, as well as any group acting at your direction. Any third parties required to conduct a transaction or deliver services that you have requested, as well as any authorities to which the Company is obligated by law to disclose such information. They will process the Personal Data in accordance with all applicable laws, enactments, regulations, orders, standards, and other similar instruments. They will ensure that their personnel are aware of the confidential nature of the Personal Data. All of the aforementioned data processors agree to hold the LinityBase harmless from any charges, claims, damages, or expenditures incurred by the company or for which the LinityBase may be held responsible as a result of any breach of this privacy policy by the data processor or any of its employees. The LinityBase takes all necessary efforts to ensure that this data is processed only for the purposes described in this policy, but it is not liable for any leakage of personal data that occurs outside of its scope.


5.1 The User is not required to give any of the personal information that the LinityBase requests. However, without this data, the LinityBase might not be able to register a trading account for you or give you any other services, information, or support you might need.

5.2 By emailing us at [email protected] , the Customer may notify the LinityBase at any time that his or her personal information has changed or that he or she wishes the LinityBase to erase personal data held. Except in cases where the LinityBase is required to keep such personal data for regulatory or legal reasons, or to provide the requested services, or to banks and other payment providers, the LinityBase, exercising its discretion, may change or delete your personal data in accordance with the Customer’s instructions.

5.3 Users have the right to request that their personal information be erased, to stop its further use, and to request that third parties no longer process it when the information is no longer necessary for the processing for which it was originally collected or when the user withdraws consent. The client(s) may submit such a request by email to [email protected] , and it will be up to the company’s choice based on the availability of the data that can be provided and the public interest.

5.4 Customers have the right to request confirmation from the company as to whether or not their personal data is being processed, as well as where and why. Additionally, in order to increase transparency regarding the data the Company obtained, the LinityBase shall freely give a copy of the personal data submitted by the client(s) in an electronic format. From the day the request was sent to [email protected] , the request will be fulfilled in 10 business days.


The user must select the consent box to the LinityBase’s policies after completing the EXM Solution registration procedure in order to move on with registering an account. The user agrees that he may be contacted by phone or email for further information about the LinityBase, trading in foreign exchange, commodities, indices, currencies, stocks, or other financial markets, as well as the company’s products. Additionally, the LinityBase may occasionally try to get in touch with customers via phone or email to let them know about special promotional opportunities offered by the Company. Any user who wishes to stop receiving communications from the Company at any time may do so by getting in touch with LinityBase through phone or email at [email protected] and asking that the Company not contact them again. You might be able to link to other websites when using the LinityBase website. For certain websites, this Privacy Policy does not apply. You are urged by LinityBase to read and comprehend the privacy statements on those other websites.


Strong safeguards are implemented by the LinityBase to maintain the security of client personal data and prevent unauthorized access to it. Employees and approved service providers who require it to do their jobs only have access to Personal Data. The customer is not permitted to divulge or share his or her log-in information with any third party. The LinityBase takes stringent security measures to guard against loss, theft, copying, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification, or destruction of customer personal data.


Subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon between the Company and the given party and Affiliates, the LinityBase is not liable for any leakage of personal data outside of its contemplation that may occur and it holds no responsibility for any breach of confidence resulting from acts or omissions or from any third parties the Company may be cooperating with. The Company has no control over how the information submitted by customers or gathered by those websites is used or protected and is not liable for the privacy practices or the content of websites to which links. Every time a customer chooses to link to a co-branded website or to a linked website, the customer may be prompted to enter registration information or other personal details. Please take note that the Company has no control over how this data is handled or used since it is being recorded by a third party and will be subject to that third party’s privacy policies.


The LinityBase retains the right to periodically amend its privacy statement. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on the Company’s website ( ) in the event that the LinityBase materially modifies this Policy, including how it collects, uses, or processes customers’ personal information. The LinityBase encourages its customers to review this privacy statement on a regular basis so that they are always informed of the data the company gathers, how it uses it, and who it could disclose it to.

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